Stuck? Check it.

Here’s the thing-

It’s our 5 senses that guide us through this experience. From the second you were born you have been collecting and interpreting and processing everything you’ve tasted touched smelled heard or saw. Everything. We are so brilliantly doing that every single day, every single minute.
IMG_4264At this point you already believe what you believe and think what you think because you have programmed yourself to do so.

This is the thing though-

You probably haven’t really examined what your truths are. You are probably running automatically in stale, outdated and no longer valid thought patterns.

This is your life- how you think about it, how you feel about it, what you do or don’t do in it…

So the thing-

Begin right now evoking your senses. Be aware of everything you see, hear, taste, touch and smell. If you could do that while imagining for a moment what better looks like you will feel better even faster ; )

What does better feel like? Sound like? Allow yourself this moment to experience with every sense that thing you desire- the resolution or desired outcome.

Here’s a trick…

Don’t worry how. Let go of any excuse or reason you have blocking that sensory image. Just imagine the greatest resolution or achievement you can right now. You’ve got this. You’re manifesting.

#MuchLove #DontStop #BeClear #PerfectAlignment

Manifesting: How to immediately improve your situation.

There is this thing that happens… when shifts appear. That’s what we do as we grow and evolve, right? Our evolution is a series of shifts. We shift through life. Things happen. We do or don’t do certain things… We have a positive experience or we have a negative experience.

What I have leIMG_4461arned is that how we navigate through our experience directly effects the direction or outcome of these shifts.

The problem is that I didn’t know this until I was almost 40 years old. I thought it to be inconceivable for someone to honestly be able to smoothly move through life experiences. Life was hard, you had to struggle. Things are never fair. How could someone actually be ok moving through difficult times in life?

Turns out, the answer is pretty simple.

You cant ever be ok moving through difficult times if you believe that is what is suppose to happen- that its suppose to be hard and uncomfortable. If you don’t believe it how can it be? It can’t.

So what can we do with this information? That too is pretty simple. You can disregard it and continue strengthening whatever it is you feel stuck in. I did that for a very long time and really broke myself. It was in my healing that I learned another way of moving through things…

You may have heard the word “manifest” if you have ever heard of me before reading this. I have become a manifesting maniac ; )

What does that have to do with anything? Well, once I learned that you can move through things more effectively and smoothly I began to practice and it really worked. Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 11.30.37 AM

I have been intensely practicing this other way for almost 10 years and it has drastically improved so many areas of my life that were once so painful or difficult. It is how I manifest or direct my experience.

I am still practicing, everyday learning more and getting to watch the beautiful effect it has on those practicing with me. So here it is:

To feel better immediately there are a few great mental responses you can use to shift your feeling about that thing. The trick is to learn how to catch yourself as soon as you begin to feel bad. The longer you practice feeling bad about something the more time it MAY take to feel. You may be at a point where you are ALWAYS in pain. You may have even convinced yourself that this is just what it is and there is no other way of being. I get it, but know that wherever you are in your practice you can begin saying these things to yourself and you WILL feel better. Say them as if you mean them though you may not when you begin the exercise.

Here you go. Shift easier. These are your new “go-to” thoughts. Use them often, especially when you are feeling negative.

“I am so grateful to be moving through this quickly and easily.”

“Thank you or whatever value is in this moment. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

“This is my practice. I am getting better and better and moving through this.”

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for this opportunity to practice breathing and letting go.”

When I began practicing these statements while I was feeling super distressed I really didn’t think it could work. I only tried this technique because I had nothing to lose. No one had to know. I didn’t have to order anything or go anywhere. I didn’t have to change ANYTHING except what I was telling myself, so I practiced this new language.

Today is your day. Whatever brought you here you may give thanks to right now because you have in your knowing a tool that can provide relief. Try it for a week. You either feel better or you feel like you may right now. One week. Practice with me…

I am grateful for this opportunity.



I am enjoying the process of growing. Getting older has provided evidence of my growth. It provides hindsight. Hindsight is so excellent. It allows the pieces to be put together more easily. It allows us to make sense of things. We can find patterns and make changes… I love hindsight.

The thing however about hindsight is that by definition it cannot be had until AFTER a thing is done or past. This is so significant because we spend so much energy on the what if… we stress, we break, we retreat, we blame. We speculate, we guess, we hope… and then we look back and can make sense of it.

There is time between this moment and what you will think of it when you have finished this thought. When it is completed you will have hindsight. Now here is the trick… Let go.

Let go of the stress and the worry and fear right this moment. Breathe it out. Look back. Look back at your life. Notice your patterns, your accomplishments. Acknowledge the things that make you feel better and the things that hold you back. Imagine what you would like to adjust. Feel the adjustment. THEN look back.

It is amazing what you can create and overcome when you give yourself permission to let go of what no longer serves you. You are evolving. Make sure you are in alignment with what you desire because your hindsight will be poor, good, great or spectacular depending on what you adjust today.

Breathe. Let go. Adjust.


How to Radiate.

I speak a language that is heavily inclusive of the word radiate. About 10 years ago, I was absorbing materials from amazing teachers like Bob Harris, Bob Proctor, John Asseraff and Joe Vitale, all whom helped shape my daily experience around this concept. It was about that time that I became super focused on learning about our energy. The energy of us. How down to our cells we are energy. How each cell vibrates that energy. How our bodies are filled with these energy cells, we are literally made of them… which proved to me that we are in fact energy, right?

I had never thought of myself as energy prior to this learning. It was a completely different perspective from which to experience the world and myself in it. Before I was victim to circumstance and expectation and fear. This new perspective allowed me to experience everything differently, in a much more effective way- for me and everyone around me.

I began practicing the act of consciously identifying what my energy felt like while also beginning the practice of identifying what I desired it to feel like. During a guided meditation I remember feeling this light inside of me ignite.

I learned about a thing called a 4 layer bio-bodysuit. Ever hear of it? Its an interesting theory, The Tiller Theory, that demonstrates layers of energy around us. That made me aware that not only are we composed of energy but that it radiates around us. So of course I learned that not only can I adjust my energy but I can grow it and then even to radiate it.

Holy cow.

It became a game, my practice. This game was a consequence of practicing the idea that we are energy and that our energy can change things in you and around you for the better.

So here we go. I never thought I’d actually be sharing this lol

In my mind the idea of this energy on the outside of us looked like a tutu. Yes, a like a ballerina’s tutu but everyone’s looked different and reflected what their energy felt like… some would be pink and fluffy and happy feeling and some would be blue and flowy and calm, some would be spiky sharp, some would be red chaos- like fire. Some of them felt light and bright some of them felt heavy and sad or dark.

Every morning I would pick out my clothes for the day and then decide what kind of tutu I wanted to wear. At the time I was coming out of a depression so I would just imagine what I WANTED to feel. I wore the pink fluffy one a lot haha.

Then I began practicing noticing other peoples tutus. Everyone has one- that energy radiating from them. We see it and feel it- we react to it and prepare for it all the time, I suppose you just never imagined it like a tutu of some sort ; )

I would go to the local supermarket and practice energy. I would stand at the end of an aisle and imagine filling myself up with golden light. I would imagine filling myself up so much that it would radiate from me. I would imagine it- feel it shooting out of ever pore in my body. As it did I allowed it to touch every single person I passed as I began walking down the aisle.

I would be aware of it touching people- and on a Saturday morning that place would be packed! I want to tell you that every single person looked up and smiled when I did that. I could feel my light actually touch them and they responded.

So curious I would proceed to the next aisle but I would retract my energy. I did not do this often because it was so uncomfortable. I would cut off my energy, my light. As I walked down the aisle in this way I could feel the energy from every person I passed. Most of it hurt. They were sad and frustrated and overwhelmed. I knew this because it is what their energy felt like and I could see it and it was awful…So I would fill myself up and shine on another aisle.

So when you hear the word radiate from this point forward I hope you understand the power you are using to share whatever you are feeling… and if you would like to adjust anything I suggest trying on a pink fluffy tutu.

Sending Much Love.

Practice: Up for the challenge?

Lets talk about feelings of  anger, frustration, embarrassment, shame, despair… being withdrawn.  TScreen Shot 2016-08-14 at 8.39.32 PMhese feelings can be consuming and can prevent you from the very thing you actually desire to have or be or experience.

Has there been a time in your life that you could identify with any of these?  How about the people you work with?  Perhaps the people you love or have loved? How about the people you see every single day?  These feelings are more common than you may think.  And it has little to do with age, gender or financial situation or even personal experience.

Having guided thousands of people through these feelings, I want to tell you something VERY significant.

In my practice, both professionally and personally, I have come to understand one of the precursors of these negative feelings. No matter what the reason a client comes to see me  this thing ALWAYS applies. And once you can apply a corrective practice, those feelings can better align or match what you actually want.  Its a frequency thing, but we can discuss that at another time : )

I have created so many visualizations that guide my clients through these feelings in a better feeling way.  One of the things that is ALWAYS true is that when someone is feeling any of those feelings, (anger, frustration, embarrassment, shame, despair… being withdrawn) is that they are not clear.

You know the difference between clear and not clear.  You are clear, for example, when you get a great idea or when you are feeling thankful, or hopeful or happy.  You are clear when you are behaving in a way that you desire.  You are unclear when you can’t feel these things.

How do you get unclear?  Our thoughts are constantly helping us FEEL a certain way.  How we feel makes us behave a certain way. So the question really becomes, how are you THINKING?

Many people allow themselves to experience the day on automatic pilot, rarely stoping to check in with what those voices in their head is really saying.  We rarely stop and see if it is helping or hurting us.

By the time people find their way into my office, they have usually been listening to negative things for so long that not only do they believe it but their bodies react in terribly negative ways as a result.

Those negative thoughts create “static” which makes it so difficult to feel good.  We get stuck there, in that static.  We get sad there.  We distance ourselves from success while being there.

Getting out of static is a practice.  Just like you may be practicing mean, sarcastic or abusive self talk you may now give yourself permission to  practice kind, loving, supportive self talk-  If only to test the theory that your thoughts are indeed helping you feel a certain kind of way.

Think about someone you love ridiculously.  Would you say to them the things you say to yourself?  Those mean things… would you say them to someone you love?

Practice clearing what is holding you back by repeating these 3 sentences for a week.

“I am letting go of any thoughts that no longer serve me.”

“It feels good to let go and feel more clear.”

“I am so grateful for this practice.”

Try those 3 sentences this week.  Repeat them as often as you can during your day.  Take a pic and make them your home screen… say them like you mean them- or pretend that you do.  One week.  What do you have to lose other than static that is causing negative feelings that are holding you back?

Much Love.

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