Attitude Adjustment in Action

Spring cleaning… well, hurry-up-summer’s- coming cleaning is more like it. As I found IMG_4461myself faced with a long list of clean up and organize and plant plus appointments plus playdate and audition and shopping today I began to just feel myself experience overwhelm and it felt like pressure. That pressure caused a tightness that dd not feel good.

I have practiced listening to my body. I’m aware of what feels good and what doesn’t- my body is always telling me. Now I listen.

So as I began to listen and felt my body get tight- stressed,  thinking “wow, I remember having people to do all of these things for me. That was excellent” I became immediately washed with a sense of happiness. Now, not too long ago I would have responded in my head with something rooted in guilt or sadness because I no longer have people to do these things for me. If I want or need something done, I have to do it. Today however, I bypassed those negative reactions and felt so grateful to be ABLE to do all of these things.

Today I will connect with each one of the items on my list and treat them each with vigor, giving them my focus and positive energy- gratitude.

I’ve got to go get some things done now… and I’m kind of excited about it.


Have something green with your fries.


IMG_4251have been thinking about blogging again. I’ve written many blogs but the truth is that I lost them all when I lost my website a few years ago. That sucked but it has lead me here right now and that is awesome because I have something very important to share.

I suppose this would be a good place to start over, to introduce myself and share what I have learned about life up to this point, about what I do and of course provide value. Why do I feel my voice has value? Good question. My answer is this: My journey has NOT been what I expected and certainly not what was expected of me. I have made many, many “mis”takes and took many seemingly wrong turns along the way. At 43 years old I can say with great confidence that I am finally grateful for each and every one of the steps that got me right here today.

All of these steps have taken me on a journey of discovery through success and failure, pleasure and pain. In 2007 the world as I once knew shifted, throwing me into an unknown life experience. Looking back from where I am today, I can see that my life had actually been a succession of shifts- some of them more dramatic than others, more impactful but all of them responsible for my current perspective.

As I examined these experiences I noticed that my coping skills seemed very significant. I spent most of my life with not very good coping skills. What I learned, however, is that we experience feelings like joy, success, defeat and pain based on what we know, on what we have experienced up to that point. Here’s why that matters- we behave how we feel.  How we behave is directly related to the coping skill we chose.

Struggle and uncomfortableness provide an opportunity to evolve, to learn a new skill- a coping skill to get through whatever it is. The value of my voice comes from what happened after 2007. That is when I began learning and practicing. I began shifting my perspective on some of my old experiences. I learned how to reframe them in a way that allowed me to feel differently about them. As I practiced this I began feeling better and better. I practiced everywhere. I practiced everyday. I watched people. I watched myself. I listened. I learned about how we connect these unique expriences and that helps create who we are and how we are.

We are all just a collections of experiences. How we interpreted those experiences led to other experiences. We have just been building on what we have been and how we have been since our birth. Wild, right?

Find a perspective that is in alignment with what you desire. If you desire success remind yourself that you are a success. If you desire good health declare how wonderful it is to make healthy choices. Pay attention to your self talk. It will let you know how you have already programmed yourself.. if any of it doesn’t feel good try a different perspective and practice it.

You are limitless. Free yourself of the limitations you have convinced yourself to be true.

Much love.

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