Stuck? Check it.

Here’s the thing-

It’s our 5 senses that guide us through this experience. From the second you were born you have been collecting and interpreting and processing everything you’ve tasted touched smelled heard or saw. Everything. We are so brilliantly doing that every single day, every single minute.
IMG_4264At this point you already believe what you believe and think what you think because you have programmed yourself to do so.

This is the thing though-

You probably haven’t really examined what your truths are. You are probably running automatically in stale, outdated and no longer valid thought patterns.

This is your life- how you think about it, how you feel about it, what you do or don’t do in it…

So the thing-

Begin right now evoking your senses. Be aware of everything you see, hear, taste, touch and smell. If you could do that while imagining for a moment what better looks like you will feel better even faster ; )

What does better feel like? Sound like? Allow yourself this moment to experience with every sense that thing you desire- the resolution or desired outcome.

Here’s a trick…

Don’t worry how. Let go of any excuse or reason you have blocking that sensory image. Just imagine the greatest resolution or achievement you can right now. You’ve got this. You’re manifesting.

#MuchLove #DontStop #BeClear #PerfectAlignment

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