Photo on 3-1-18 at 9.22 AM #4Something cool happened the other day.  I found a box that had a bunch of pictures in it.  Ever happen across pictures of your past?  I have too, but this time was different.

The truth is, everything is different since I have been experiencing life with the understand of energy and time and limitless potential.  Ten years ago I began my journey into self discovery and hypnosis and the mind.  Life has become an experience that I once didn’t even know was possible.

Part of my practice is hypnotic regression and hypnotic progression.  I use these techniques to evoke a different part of my thinking.  In life regression we can go back and reevaluate our experiences.  It allows us an opportunity to make peace with things that once caused us pain.  With life progression we can go forward.  What are you manifesting?  What does it look like and feel like?  What is success to you?  These are things found using progression. Ive gone back and forth through my life many times, healing and strengthening things that were once weak or negative.  I go forward to get clear on what I am creating.IMG_0490

Finding these pictures caused me to stop in my tracks.  This picture particularly spoke to me.  I thought about all of the kids I work with in schools today and in my private practice.  I thought about my daughter. I thought about all the names I was called and how insecure I felt.

I was trying that’s for sure but I had no idea of my greatness.

I wanted to tell her that she is amazing.  I wanted to tell her its ok, that none of those negative things were true and that it is all ok now.  I wanted to hug her and inspire her.  I wanted her to feel all of the love I know she was able to generate- for herself and the world around her. I wanted to tell her ‘good job’.

And then I realized that she was staring right back at me.  My little self, curious about how I turned out.Photo on 3-1-18 at 9.18 AM #2 (2)

You did it little girl  You did it, I thought. You are evolving still, growing and learning.  You are me now and soon we will be looking upon our even older self.

When that time comes I will be grateful.  Thank you for this journey.  I am excited about what comes next. We really are manifesting. Much love.

#Limitless #WeAreManifesting #Don’tStop #loveYourLittle #MakingPeace


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