How to Radiate.

I speak a language that is heavily inclusive of the word radiate. About 10 years ago, I was absorbing materials from amazing teachers like Bob Harris, Bob Proctor, John Asseraff and Joe Vitale, all whom helped shape my daily experience around this concept. It was about that time that I became super focused on learning about our energy. The energy of us. How down to our cells we are energy. How each cell vibrates that energy. How our bodies are filled with these energy cells, we are literally made of them… which proved to me that we are in fact energy, right?

I had never thought of myself as energy prior to this learning. It was a completely different perspective from which to experience the world and myself in it. Before I was victim to circumstance and expectation and fear. This new perspective allowed me to experience everything differently, in a much more effective way- for me and everyone around me.

I began practicing the act of consciously identifying what my energy felt like while also beginning the practice of identifying what I desired it to feel like. During a guided meditation I remember feeling this light inside of me ignite.

I learned about a thing called a 4 layer bio-bodysuit. Ever hear of it? Its an interesting theory, The Tiller Theory, that demonstrates layers of energy around us. That made me aware that not only are we composed of energy but that it radiates around us. So of course I learned that not only can I adjust my energy but I can grow it and then even to radiate it.

Holy cow.

It became a game, my practice. This game was a consequence of practicing the idea that we are energy and that our energy can change things in you and around you for the better.

So here we go. I never thought I’d actually be sharing this lol

In my mind the idea of this energy on the outside of us looked like a tutu. Yes, a like a ballerina’s tutu but everyone’s looked different and reflected what their energy felt like… some would be pink and fluffy and happy feeling and some would be blue and flowy and calm, some would be spiky sharp, some would be red chaos- like fire. Some of them felt light and bright some of them felt heavy and sad or dark.

Every morning I would pick out my clothes for the day and then decide what kind of tutu I wanted to wear. At the time I was coming out of a depression so I would just imagine what I WANTED to feel. I wore the pink fluffy one a lot haha.

Then I began practicing noticing other peoples tutus. Everyone has one- that energy radiating from them. We see it and feel it- we react to it and prepare for it all the time, I suppose you just never imagined it like a tutu of some sort ; )

I would go to the local supermarket and practice energy. I would stand at the end of an aisle and imagine filling myself up with golden light. I would imagine filling myself up so much that it would radiate from me. I would imagine it- feel it shooting out of ever pore in my body. As it did I allowed it to touch every single person I passed as I began walking down the aisle.

I would be aware of it touching people- and on a Saturday morning that place would be packed! I want to tell you that every single person looked up and smiled when I did that. I could feel my light actually touch them and they responded.

So curious I would proceed to the next aisle but I would retract my energy. I did not do this often because it was so uncomfortable. I would cut off my energy, my light. As I walked down the aisle in this way I could feel the energy from every person I passed. Most of it hurt. They were sad and frustrated and overwhelmed. I knew this because it is what their energy felt like and I could see it and it was awful…So I would fill myself up and shine on another aisle.

So when you hear the word radiate from this point forward I hope you understand the power you are using to share whatever you are feeling… and if you would like to adjust anything I suggest trying on a pink fluffy tutu.

Sending Much Love.


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