I am enjoying the process of growing. Getting older has provided evidence of my growth. It provides hindsight. Hindsight is so excellent. It allows the pieces to be put together more easily. It allows us to make sense of things. We can find patterns and make changes… I love hindsight.

The thing however about hindsight is that by definition it cannot be had until AFTER a thing is done or past. This is so significant because we spend so much energy on the what if… we stress, we break, we retreat, we blame. We speculate, we guess, we hope… and then we look back and can make sense of it.

There is time between this moment and what you will think of it when you have finished this thought. When it is completed you will have hindsight. Now here is the trick… Let go.

Let go of the stress and the worry and fear right this moment. Breathe it out. Look back. Look back at your life. Notice your patterns, your accomplishments. Acknowledge the things that make you feel better and the things that hold you back. Imagine what you would like to adjust. Feel the adjustment. THEN look back.

It is amazing what you can create and overcome when you give yourself permission to let go of what no longer serves you. You are evolving. Make sure you are in alignment with what you desire because your hindsight will be poor, good, great or spectacular depending on what you adjust today.

Breathe. Let go. Adjust.


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