A Coping Skill.


Along your path,  you may have been introduced to the idea of “write it down”.  I feel like I’ve heard that suggestion made for many things- to help remember things or to organize my thoughts.

IMG_4264It was only until recently that the reality of that hit me.  It hit me as I grabbed my notebook to write down some thoughts on writing- as a coping skill.

To identify it as a coping skill would suggest that it is a skill that is used for coping.  Coping through what?  Coping through EVERYTHING.

I began the practice of writing things down about 10 years ago.  As I emerged from a very dark depression writing my thoughts and experiences down served not only as something to remember or even to help organize my thoughts about.  It became a habit that I formed.  That habit has become a coping skill.

When I began practicing the art of adjusting mindset, my mind was flooded with thoughts and ideas.  I have heard this over and over again in my office.  Adjusting Mindset  is like a release that allows all of the limitations and restrictions in your thinking tIMG_5491.JPGo readjust which leads to a wonderful flow of thought and excitement-of clarity.

So I would always have a small notebook with me and a pen handy because often I would be driving or going to sleep and my mind would produce these new thoughts and ideas… really good ones, so I’d write them down.  I never really spent too much time trying to make sense of them.  I just collected them.  And as my practice continued I realized I was writing and making notes all day.

10 years later I continue my practice and feel so grateful to be able to share what I do with every single person who has shared this experience with me or supported me in the process.

Write.  Clear your thoughts to get to your thoughts.  Adjust what’s needed to move in the direction you choose.  You are writing this story.

Much love.







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