Life Changing Practice


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This experience changes.

YOUR experience changes.

That’s what I mean when I say we practice everyday.  We are practicing our role in the experience.  Our role allows us to create a certain experience. Our role strengthens or weakens an experience, our role can shift and change an experience right in front of everyones eyes… our role can limit us or set us free.  Without our role the experience changes.

So how do we do that? How do we change our experience?  How can we improve a bad situation?

Learn to identify negative blocks within your thinking. Practice that.

Here’s the basics:

Our bodies physically respond to negativity.  When we think of things that make us feel negative-insecure, afraid or angry for example, our body physically responds to the energy of that thing.  The cool part is that you can make yourself alert to those physical warnings of stress or fear or insecurity and turn it into something really good.  We can allow those moments to lead us into a better, more helpful mindset.

So, what does it FEEL like to you? Where do you feel it?

Most people seem to feel it either in their stomach, in their chest or in their head. Once you become aware of this physical response all you have to do is become aware of when it shows up and then say,  “It feels so good to release that sh#t.”  Then take a deep breath.  Imagine it breaking off of you or melting off you…just let it go.  Drop your shoulders.  Give thanks for that moment.

That’s how.  That what you practice.  And a super cool thing happens when you begin to practice that… you can spend more time imagining and creating and enjoying the life you desire.

Make peace with your stale negative thinking. Release it- making room for what you desire.

Success is yours the moment you give yourself permission to receive.
#sendinglove #wearemanifesting

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