Attitude Adjustment in Action

Spring cleaning… well, hurry-up-summer’s- coming cleaning is more like it. As I found IMG_4461myself faced with a long list of clean up and organize and plant plus appointments plus playdate and audition and shopping today I began to just feel myself experience overwhelm and it felt like pressure. That pressure caused a tightness that dd not feel good.

I have practiced listening to my body. I’m aware of what feels good and what doesn’t- my body is always telling me. Now I listen.

So as I began to listen and felt my body get tight- stressed,  thinking “wow, I remember having people to do all of these things for me. That was excellent” I became immediately washed with a sense of happiness. Now, not too long ago I would have responded in my head with something rooted in guilt or sadness because I no longer have people to do these things for me. If I want or need something done, I have to do it. Today however, I bypassed those negative reactions and felt so grateful to be ABLE to do all of these things.

Today I will connect with each one of the items on my list and treat them each with vigor, giving them my focus and positive energy- gratitude.

I’ve got to go get some things done now… and I’m kind of excited about it.



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